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Lab Access and Safety

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The labs are normally open for trained users access 24/7, but are required to  schedule a work session in advance. Users with scheduled work sessions have priority on all reserved equipment. If the scheduled user does not show up in the first hour then the time becomes free for others to use.


Proper training is mandatory.  All users are required to complete the General Safety and Emergency Preparedness (EHS-4200) course. Anyone wishing to use the Shatterbox, Ball Mill, Frantz, or heavy liquids must complete the Chemical Safety for Laboratories (EHS-1900) course as well. See Stars training. A certificate of completion must be sent to the lab manager prior to use of any equipment. 

All users must receive lab specific training by the lab manager only, not just by someone from your research group. The labs contain hazardous machinery and chemicals. Sample cross-contamination is also a serious issue for some processes. Contact the lab well in advance to arrange one-on-one training. Once you are trained you will be able to schedule unassisted use of the equipment.